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Chain Link Fence

Commercial applications and Different Styes of Chain Link Fence

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Security Fence

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If your commercial property
 has been effected by
 the recent floods, call for temporary fence.

Commercial property
Temporary fence

chainlink fence

chain link fence

Commerical Fence Colorado

Since 1891 chain link fencing has made a place for itself in the fence industry. Used for many diverse reasons by businesses and home owners, chain link provides high security for a low price.  Chain link is great for playgrounds, backyards, prisons, sport fields, car impound lots, and much more.

Most applications of chain link call for galvanized wire, but chain link also comes in vinyl coated colors such as black, brown and green.  Chain link also has different gauges, anywhere from 12 ½ ga (light weight) to 6ga (1/4” wire).  Prisons use 6ga chain link most often. Chain link is a non-private fence which is transparent and allows sunlight to pass through.

Privacy slats can be added to any type of chain link although caution should be taken that the fence framework is sufficient to support the additional load or weight. Compared to other fence types, chain link is less expensive and very durable.

commercial fence

chain link fence

chain link fence

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chain link fence

chain link fence

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