How often do you find yourself leaning on a handrail?

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How often do you find yourself leaning on a handrail?

Handrails have been around a long time and are used to protect people from dangerous drop-offs; therefore, safety is the driving factor behind the need for handrails.

In addition to the safety aspect, handrails are becoming more detailed to accent and add character to an area. Handrails can be made of wood or PVC, but most handrails are made of pipe.  Pipe handrail can be as simple as a single horizontal rail with posts, or it can be custom made to compliment an area.

The American’s with Disability Act (ADA) requires handrails on stairs, inclines with more than 5% grade,  and other areas deemed necessary.  Take a look next time you’re out, and see how many handrails you notice, you will be surprised how many areas need handrail.



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Hand rail denver

handrail denver

handrail denver


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