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Highway guardrail Ty3 has evolved throughout the decade to its W-beam shape we see today.  This shape keeps the guardrail Ty3 ridged and strong. When guardrail Ty3 is impacted, it is designed to ricochet a vehicle and protect it from a dangerous area. Guardrail Ty3 is positioned on roads where steep embankments occur, when a vehicle approaches  bridges, culverts, signs and many other obstructions.

Guardrail Ty3 is usually galvanized but it also comes in “corten” (which is a rusted look W-beam). Guardrail Ty3 can be installed on wood or metal posts. Most guardrail Ty3 has a block between the post and rail. This gives the guardrail Ty3 the ability for a longer bolt to redirect an impact and to move the post back, out of the way of snow plows.  Compared to other guardrails, guardrail Ty3 is less expensive than concrete barriers and  it’s easier to repair.

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Type 3 Guardrails

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