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Welcome to Champion Fence and Construction Services Inc. We are a Denver based commercial and industrial Fence Company and have been in business since 1996 in Denver. Champion Fence is individually owned and operated. We serve various municipalities and contractors that specialize in highway and building construction throughout the state.

The mission of Champion Fence is SIMPLE. Our goal is to provide:
Superb customer service, with Integrity that supports Mutual fairness. We strive to Provide valuable Leadership in order to achieve Excellence for our company and its constituents.

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Commercial Grade Fence Types


Denver commercial temporary fence

Public safety is the main reason for temporary fence.

Chain Link

Denver commercial chain link fence

Chain link is great for car impound lots, backyards and more.

Metal Fence

Denver commercial ornamental fence

Ornamental fence is made with tube steel, which is hollow inside...


Denver commercial automated gates

Automated gates are mostly used for security access to commercial properties.


Denver commercial sports netting

Sports netting is used for safety & to protect public & other properties.  

P.V.C./ Vinyl

Denver commercial P.V.C. Vinyl Fence

P.V.C. or vinyl fence is an alternative to wooden fence.

Post & Rail

Denver commercial post & rail fence

Post and rail fence is commonly used for fields and larger properties.

Wood Privacy

Denver commercial wood privacy fence

Wood fence is commonly used for privacy and property lines.

Barbed Wire

Denver barbed wire Fence

Barbed wire is used for increased property security when needed.

Field & Deer

Deer & Prairie Dog fence

Prairie Dog, Deer and Field fence is used to deter animals from crossing.   


Denver Commercial handrails

Handrails have been around a long time and are used to protect people from dangerous drop offs .


Denver guardrails type 3

When guardrail Ty3 is impacted, it is designed to ricochet a vehicle from a dangerous area.

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Denver fence company
Commercial Fence Project Requirements

From small repairs to major projects, Champion Fence is proficient in certified payroll, insurance certificates, bonding and other documentation necessary to meet specific job requirements.

guardrail Ty3 in Denver